Service Hours

Christian Service Hours

The goal of Christ the King School’s Christian Service Hour program is to ensure that students are seeking to serve the community, the world at large, and to see Christ in all people. Christian service is defined as that which takes us beyond a narrow concern for ourselves and moves us to promote the common good and to uphold the human dignity of every person. In the end, we are looking to serve those that are poor, vulnerable, or marginalized in the world around us.


To complete student service hours they must have both reports filled out.

  1. For the student reflection form click HERE
  2. Student verification form click HERE    (This form is to be filled out by the person supervising the event)

Service Hour Guidelines:

  • Service hours consist of time donated to the community.
  • Students may not be reimbursed financially for service time.
  • Activities assisting immediate family members (those living in your household) will not be considered service hours.
  • Service hours submitted through Google forms found on the link provided above.