Registration Information

The application process begins Feb 13th and will run through the end of the year.  The deadline for priority enrollment ends Friday March 3rd at 4:00.  After this date students will not be guaranteed placement based on the board approved priority enrollment.  (Please see the policy below)  

We will begin notifying families who will be on the waiting list the first week in March.

Enrollment Priority

501.2 – Board Policy (Revised and Approved February 2016)

Admission – Priority Enrollment

It is the policy of Christ the King Board of Education that applications are granted in the order of the following guidelines.

  1. Children of Christ the King Parish and School employees
  2. Children of registered, active members of Christ the King parish
  3. Members of families with siblings presently enrolled at Christ the King School in grades Kindergarten through Eighth
  4. Children of registered members of other Catholic parishes
  5. Children of those not registered in any Catholic parish

Within each of the above priority rankings, the following criteria shall be considered in admitting students to Christ the King School:

  • Length the student has been concurrently enrolled at CKS daycare – 8th
  • Length of membership at Christ the King Parish
  • Involvement in parish activities
  • Fulfillment of annual tithing commitment
  • Religious education students