Home and School

2018-2019 Meeting Dates:  All meetings start at 5:45 in the School Library

  • October  2, 2018
  • November  6, 2018
  • December 4, 2018
  • January 8, 2019
  • February 5, 2019
  • March 5, 2019
  • April 2, 2019
  • May 7, 2019
  • June 4, 2019
  • July – NO MEETING

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in and support Christ the King’s School parent organization.  The Home & School Association meets monthly as indicated on the monthly school calendar.

Current Home and School Board Members

President:  Melissa Evans 

Vice President: Annie Salgado

Ex-Officio: Open position 

Treasurer: Open position 

Secretary: Patty Nichols

Communications Coordinator: Open position 

Hispanic Liaison: Dolly Gonzalez

Fundraising Coordinator:  Open position 

The mission of the Association is as follows:

  • Promoted a cooperative/close working relationship between parents, administration, faculty and students and the parish to further the goals of Catholic education.
  • Raise funds for the support of Catholic Education and be a resource for volunteers.
  • Actively supports the school, administration and faculty as it relates to Christ the King School.
  • Enhances Christ the King School community spirit through activities of Home & School.

Click Here for Christ the King Home and School Bylaws


     Grade                Name                                 Email                             Phone              Preferred

  • K           Jill Wagner                  jill.r.wagner@gmail.com             712-540-5471         Email
  • 1st        Christy Feldman         christym1012@gmail.com          515-554-4746         Phone
  • 2nd       Niki Kline                    klineniki@gmail.com                   515-360-9545         Email
  • 2nd       Thea Amsden             theaamsden@gmail.com            515-240-5383         Email
  • 3rd        Adriane Stringer         aystringer09@gmail.com            515-771-7080         Email
  • 4th        Annie Salgado            anniesalgodo@ gmail.com         515-210-8014         Email
  • 5th        Leanne Benson          patrickandleanne@gmail.com    515-339-6147         Email
  • 6th        Jennifer Harkin           jeniferharkin@juno.com            515-210-0037          Email
  • 7th        Thea Amsden             theaamsden@gmail.com            515-240-5383         Email
  • 8th        Alice Boswell              aliboswell81@gmail.com            515-447-9269         Email

Home and School Minutes:

Click Here for April ’19 minutes

Click Here for January ’19 minutes

Click Here for December ’18 minutes

Click Here for November ’18 minutes

Home and School Agenda:

Click Here for May 19 agenda

Click Here for December 18 agenda