Third Grade

Mrs. Loffredo

Third grade is a time when students start to gain more independence in all academic areas. The students continue to strengthen their Catholic faith as we learn about the liturgical calendar and parts of the mass. Literacy is also a main component of our day. Students work in large groups, small guided reading groups, and in literacy workstations. Workstations consist of word work, writing skills, partner reading, grammar skills, and spelling and phonics practice. In math, students master two digit addition and subtraction and are introduced to multiplication! Science is inquiry based and the students have a great time working on hands on experiments. We also dive into communities and government during social studies.

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Parent Volunteers:

We are going on a field trip on May 15th to the Civic Center.  We still need two volunteers to help us on this field trip.


Homework assignments will be given each day except Friday. The students will write their homework assignments in their planners each day. The homework assignments will usually be reading, math, and spelling. Please check your child’s planner each night for assignments!

This week, Feb. 3, 2014 in third grade:

  • Religion: Virtues
  • Math: Long Division!!!!
  • Reading: This week we will read “Oliver K. Woodman” and “Moving U.S. Mail”.  Our comprehension skills are sequence of events and formal and informal language.
  • Language Arts: Possessive nouns and pronous
  • Social Studies: We are exploring landforms.
  • Science: We are studying the life cycle of butterflies and will begin plant life cycles.

Spelling Lists

  • singer
  • loudly
  • joyful
  • teacher
  • fighter
  • closely
  • powerful
  • farmer
  • quickly
  • careful
  • friendly
  • speaker
  • wonderful
  • truly

Target Vocabulary

  • sincere
  • managed
  • loaded
  • loveliest
  • conversation
  • inspired
  • reunion
  • currently
  • pleasure
  • terror