Middle School Physical Education

What to expect

Middle School will have one day a week focusing on the SPARK Fitness Lab. For more information about this program, please click here (pdf).

Grade 6 focuses on fitness through active participation; skill-building with numerous opportunities to practice in noncompetitive settings.


  • Skill building that encourages students to combine skills and apply them while playing modified sports
  • Student-guided challenge through optional competition and non-eliminative tournament play
  • Fitness development as the focus of 1 class per week with an emphasis on achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness
  • Student motivation and skill-application through optional SPARK Events


Grade 7 focuses on fitness through active participation; skill-refinement while building some new skills; skill-application in modified team sports settings.
  • Games become more complex, without reducing activity time or participation by all students
  • Extensions on the backside of activities are utilized to differentiate activities and challenge students at their level.
  • Fitness is the focus of 1 classes per week with an emphasis on fitness improvement
  • SPARK Events complete each unit building excitement and adding authentic participation


Grade 8 focuses on fitness through active participation; skill-refinement, skill-application, and game strategy application.

  • New skills in preparation for the transfer to high school and a curriculum model focusing on lifetime participation
  • Extensions on the backside of activities are utilized to challenge students at their skill level
  • Fitness is the central theme of 1 class per week with performance enhancement through fitness improvement highlighted
  • SPARK Events take a more prominent place as the focus on skill-application and strategy is more pronounced



All middle school has PE on Wednesday and Friday.

If a student misses a PE class or cannot participate, they need to make up their daily points by completing an article review sheet.


Dress Code

Students need to wear closed-toe shoes with non-marking soles and socks must also be worn. Boots, sandals, flip-flops, etc. are not acceptable.

All middle school students must also bring a change of clothes. This includes athletic shorts (no volleyball shorts) or sweat pants, as well as a t-shirt or sweat shirt. No tank tops are allowed. Students who forget clothes will not be allowed to participate in the activity for the day. Students may also request a lock to keep their clothes/valuables safe during PE. Please see Mr. Samuelson for a lock.