Kindergarten is a year full of social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth! Students learn about God’s great love for them and about belonging to their Church family. The students will learn about letters and their sounds as we read and discuss many books, poems and songs. They learn to be readers and writers as they work and play in literacy stations.

Students use manipulatives to develop their understanding of math concepts and problem solving skills. They will order numbers, work on one to one correspondence, learn about shapes and act out story problems. Many social studies, science and health topics are incorporated in themes and centers throughout the year.

Kindergarten News 11-1-16

Our Classroom Clip Chart

We have begun using our clip chart for behavior management in our classroom.  Each child has a clip on the chart and begins the day on green, “ready to learn”.The student has the chance to move their clip up or down throughout the day depending on the choices they make.

Students will earn Star Tickets to “buy” rewards/prizes based on their level at the end  of the day!  (green=1, blue=2, purple=3, pink=4)
At the end of each day, the color is recorded on a calendar in the student’s home folder.  There is an explanation of each color at the bottom of this calendar. There is also a number key that will be used to further explain behavior when necessary.  I will also write notes on the back of this calendar when needed.  Please initial your child’s calendar if it is yellow or below.

Sight Word List by Unit 

Websites to explore for extra practice: