Ms. Curry

We are back to school! During the fall I will be concentrating on re-establishing contact with students whom I have seen in the past year and determining how they would like to use the counseling relationship this year. I also hope to begin career awareness education, continue with social skills education with our 3rd graders, and will be involved in the 8th grade classroom with Theology of the Body for Middle School. At CKS this year we are pleased to partner with Child Guidance Center to provide on-site therapy with a licensed therapist on Tuesdays at school. This is a more intense therapy opportunity than might be offered through Guidance Counseling. There is no co-pay for this service, however, Child Guidance will file insurance for the services. Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing this for your child. I will refer to the therapist who will then contact you to set up an initial meeting to discuss services.

Websites of interest: — this is a fantastic site to determine if the content of a movie/videogame/app/book is appropriate for your child. It is very thorough and objective. In addition to the site review of media, reviews from parents and kids are included. I recommend checking this site out…it will help you make an informed choice on when considering what you will allow your child to watch/play/read.