Fourth Grade

Mrs. Johnson

Fourth grade is a busy year! We study the 50 states & capitals and where they are located. The students will also get the chance to plan and minister more school masses.

Literacy remains a primary academic focus. The students have large group as well as small group instruction daily. Literacy workstations focus on word work, listening, buddy read, vocabulary work, and completing reading graphic organizers. We also have several chapter books that we study and read together as a class. Math is important for fourth grade because we work a lot with multiplication and division throughout the year. Start practicing your flashcards! In religion, we concentrate on the order of mass, finding Scriptures, and learning about the Sacraments and Ten Commandments.


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Tentative Schedule

Click here for a tentative schedule for the remainder of the year. This is an outline of important items that are coming up. This is not a permanent schedule and could change.


Fourth graders have approximately 30-35 minutes of homework each night. Twenty minutes of this is reading. The other 15 minutes consists of one of the following: English, math, or spelling practice sheets.

If homework is not turned in, a homework alert will be sent home. This will need to be signed and returned the following day along with the completed homework. If there is something they do not understand, leave it blank and I can help them the next day. All homework is a review of what was covered that school day.



Social Studies:

States and capitals practice


Sites for extra math practice: