Artwork will continue to be uploaded as often as possible to the gallery. Please check there throughout the year to view work done by K-8 students.

K-2 Art

Students in Kindergarten through second grade have art once a week for an hour. We will be reviewing basic concepts such as lines, shapes and colors. Kindergartners will be working on cutting, tracing and gluing skills.

3-5 Art

Students in third through fifth grade have art once a week for an hour and will be exploring a wide variety of materials this year. Students will be creating both 2D and 3D works. All Students in 3-5 will create a clay piece in the second half of the year.

6-8 Art

Middle school students have art once a week for 45 minutes. Projects in middle school tend to be more in depth than in the lower grades so the amount of projects middle school students complete will be less than K-5. Students in middle school have a sketchbook that they keep in the art room. They will have assignments in their sketchbook to complete along with their art projects.