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March 24, 2016
TO Scrip Buyers
FROM Cheryl Last, Scrip Coordinator
RE Scrip Order Instructions
Scrip will continue to be sold through June 30, 2016.  All families that have monies coming from purchases will be given cash back or credit towards tuition.  Any remaining monies will go into the church liturgy fund.
The more popular cards – HyVee, Fareway, Kum & Go, and Walmart – will be kept on hand through this time. Existing inventory will not be replenished as cards are sold.
You may still send in orders for out of stock scrip cards, but please keep the shipping fee in mind when placing an order. The Great Lakes Scrip Company charges Christ the King a minimum shipping fee of $8.50 when I place scrip orders.  For example, if you want a $25 Toys R Us card (3% rebate), the profit on that single card is only $0.75 ($25×3%).  The program would lose $7.75 ($8.50 shipping – $0.75 rebate) if I placed that single card order; therefore, small orders such as these will be held until a larger order is placed.  In the past, these small orders didn’t present an issue because I was regularly replenishing the cards on hand.  Going forward, I will order out of stock card requests using the following schedule.  Orders with payment must be in my hand by 3:20pm on these Mondays:
Scrip Order Schedule*
Monday, April 4th
Monday, May 2nd
Monday, June 6th
*Exceptions will be made if you have a large order with rebates far greater than $8.50.
Casey’s – Casey’s cards will no longer be kept on hand, but can still be ordered locally at any time through the termination of the scrip program.  Casey’s charges a minimum shipping fee of $6. We will require a minimum of $250 Casey’s cards to place an order.
Please call Cheryl Last at 256-9155 if questions.  Thank you.